Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange profit or loss can make huge difference to the bottom line of the company . Banks never quote the real time price to its customers as there is no mechanism to check the same . We help our client in taking the finest rates from these banks either through our outsourcing model or Direct arrangement with clients.

We offer wide range of FX Services to our MSME and SME clients .

Export & Import Payments – Clients can call when they receive export payments from their buyers. We have our own Fx Terminal which shows the live rates of all Trading Currencies .Since customers do not have any access to any live rates they being charged higher by banks . Our Team will assist in these payments and help client saving lot of money which taking rates from bank.

Forward Contracts – Unless you get the right premium from the banks while booking the forward rates for your export and Import payments, you will not be benefited out of it . Our FX Team will assist you in taking these rates and making you aware of the exact premium of USD or any other currencies.

Case Study:

1. A client from Mumbai called us for taking rates for USD 1.5 Million . Client was getting rates from his bank @ 10 ps margin , we checked the rates with other banks and quoted client @ 0.2ps margin . Client saved Rs 1.2 lacs on a single payment with our support and Guidance.

2. One of our customer wanted to booked Forward Rates for 6 Months for his export payments. Bank was quoting Premium of USD 0.15 ps per month , since we have our own terminal we checked and verify that montly premium was USD 0.21 ps per month , which mean 0.36 lesser premium bank was quoting to client . Post our intervention client was able to take rates at USD 0.20 ps per month premium for his export payments. as the payment value was USD 12 lac , client gained Rs 3.6 lacs due to premium surge .