Frequently Ask Questions

1. How Custom data is different from Statistical data ?

Custom data information is real time shipment details with all set of information whereas Statistical data only gives trade data between countries .

2. Who should buy our data ?

Companies which are into export and import business . whether its Start-up or an old company . Our information on data will surely help you find the right buyer or supplier overseas.

3. How do you charge for your data ?

Our services start with USD 50 only . All it depends on how much data and what tenor you are looking for.

4. Do you offer customised services in export apart from data ?

Yes , Our team is equipped with all the information that is required in expanding and starting the export and Import Business .Like Logistics and Documentation.

5. How do you help in export -import documentation ?

Our team will assist you in preparing the documentation and details that help you in reducing the discrepancies charges which receive the payment.

6. Do you help in executing Letter of Credit Transactions as well ?

Yes . Our team is UCPDC 600 experts that helps in getting the LC , Non LC transactions support as well.

7. How do you give data to your customers ?

We give the data via E-mail in excel format . Once we get the complete payment.

8. How can we be sure that data is authentic ?

Our data is sourced from various ports and agencies overseas . We give sample data to you for your satisfaction . Once you are satisfied then you can buy data from us . Sample data will be free of cost.

9. What are the modes of payment for your services?

You can make wire transfer , TT , Debit or credit card , Paytm or Paypal,
We also accept cheques and UPI payments .

10.What is the refund policy for your data Services .

We will refund the money if the data is found incorrect . As we believe in transparency with our clients.