Export Services

Export Services

Our mission is to help companies achieve their trade ambitions by helping them grow their trade through our professional services. While we take care of growing their trade, companies can focus on product innovation thus creating a win-win partnership that will help us contribute to make India a leading exporting country in the world.

We have designed our services in such a manner that it helps to every SME or MSME clients for their export needs.

Product Selection

  • What do you want to export?
  • Where do you want to export?
  • How will you source this product?
  • Do you know the world's import trends of this product?
  • Do you know India's Export trends of this product?

Market Selection

  • What are world Import trends?
  • What are India's Exports trends?
  • Who are my top Competitors?
  • What are the various trade restrictions?
  • What are the various trade incentives available?
  • How trade Agreements help in deciding products and markets?
  • Where should I source my product?

Finding Buyers

  • How can you find a genuine overseas buyer?
  • How buyer data can help you in selecting Buyers?
  • Are buying houses & buying agents a better alternative?
  • How export councils can help in getting Buyers?

Trade Documentation

  • How can trade documentation minimize my payment risk?
  • How to avoid errors in documentation while routing through banks?
  • Why certificate of origin is important?
  • What is the importance of incoterms in insurance?
  • How to avoid errors in shipping bill and invoice?

Case Study:

1. An exporter from Punjab wanted to export agro products to Dubai , but was confused how to select the right buyer which is genuine . Earlier he faced losses due to such negligence, we checked the background of the overseas party through our International network and Credit rating agencies. Client made the shipment after our confirmation and export remittances were paid timely since the order was not LC backed.

2. A textile and handloom exporter from UP wanted to expand its geography for exports , earlier client use to export in 2-3 countries only . We helped client in finding the genuine buyers in the international market for the same product line . Approx 250 new clients we have searched for our customer in countries like Russia, Middle East , Europe, USA .

3. An exporter from New Delhi got an Export LC of USD 1 M to export the books but client faced hassle in taking that big order as he do not understand the clauses of Letter of Credit . We studied the clauses of LC and suggested some changes in favour of our exporter so that his payments are credited timely in his account. We handled the documentation of the customer also so that there are no discrepancies in his export documents.