DGFT License

DGFT License

Getting DGFT License is a hectic task for an Exporter, Manufacturer or Importer due to lot of documentation and compliances that need to be fulfilled before taking the new license . Our Team with 30+ years of experience in dealing with DGFT mater will assist you ate every step so that you get and utilize the license of time .

We help in getting wide range of License from DGFT , start from the application till the execution at a nominal cost.

Advance Authorization Scheme

The Advance Authorization Scheme is a scheme started with the objective of endorsing the import of duty-free inputs for the production of export. Advance authorization helps in the easy production of export goods and helps in the exemption of additional duties on the inputs being imported.

The inputs include fuel, oil, catalysts, energy, etc. required in the production of export. These inputs are used in the manufacturing of the export products and hence, come under the exemption of the duty-free import inputs.


EPCG Scheme allows import of capital goods for preproduction, production and post-production at Zero customs duty. Alternatively, the Authorisation holder may also procure Capital Goods from indigenous sources.Import of capital goods shall be subject to Actual User condition till export obligation is completed.

Export obligation equivalent to 6 times of duties saved on import of Capital Goods to be fulfilled in 6 years from the date of issue of the Authorisation.

EO shall be over and above the average level of exports achieved by the exporter in the preceding 3 licensing years .

MEIS License Service

MEIS is an Incentive Scheme introduced in the Foreign Trade Policy of India (2015-2020). Incentive schemes are schemes which entitle the exporters to duty credit scrips subject to various conditions.

The main objective of MEIS is to reduce inefficiencies caused by lack of infrastructure and the costs incurred while export of goods or products, which are produced or manufactured in India, especially those having a high export capacity, a good potential of employment and thus boosting India's export competitiveness.

SEIS License Service

The main objective of SEIS is to encourage export of notified services from India. Service Providers of notified services, located in India, shall be rewarded under SEIS. This scheme applies to export of services made on or after 01.04.2015.

SEIS duty credit scrips are freely transferable, i.e., they can be sold in the market, if the holder of the duty credit scrip does not intend to import services against the scrips.These scrips can be used for payment of Basic Customs Duty at the time of import of goods, including notified capital goods.

Case Study:

1. Client issued a foreign LC of 180 days to import the material from HK , but the Seller want to get paid at Sight since he wanted to payment on the LC acceptance only . We added few clauses in the LC while opening from the issuing bank , the seller routed the documents as per LC clauses and got the payment within days of the Acceptance from the applicant bank .

2. One of our Export client based in Noida SEZ needed to discount the export bills which was not backed by Letter of Credit , we got those bills discounted from one of the factoring agencies based in UK . Our exporter got the 80% of the invoice value within 7 days from Bill of lading @ Pricing of 5% pa .

3. A client based out in Delhi , running a publication house got an LC of USD 5 lacs from one of the African Bank , but his banker did not disbursed the pre shipment against it since the rating of the bank was not good . We got a 3rd bank from UK who took the confirmation to pay the Exporter if the issuing bank denies . After adding the 3rd Bank , client easily got the Pre shipment Credit from his bank @ L+150 bps .